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Paul A. Bunn MD
Paul A. Bunn, Jr., MD
Distinguished Professor
James Dudley Chair in Lung Cancer Research
Professor, Medical Oncology
University of Colorado Denver
Denver, CO


Ronald B. Natale MD
Ronald B. Natale, MD
Director of the Lung Cancer Clinical Research Program
Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute
Cedars_Sinai Medical Center
Los Angeles, CA
Greg  Riely MD
Greg Riely, MD
Medical Oncologist
Thoracic Oncology Service
Vice Chair, Clinical Trials Office
Department of Medicine
Memorial Sloan_Kettering Cancer Center
New York, NY
Marianne  Davies DNP, ACNP, AOCNP
Marianne Davies, DNP, ACNP, AOCNP
Clinical Instructor in Nursing
Thoracic Oncology Program
Yale Comprehensive Cancer Center
Yale Schools of Nursing and Medicine
New Haven, CT
Oncology Pharmacist Faculty
Richard  Gralla MD, FACP
Richard Gralla, MD, FACP
Professor of Medicine
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Jacobi Medical Center
Bronx, New York
Jim  Koeller MS
Jim Koeller, MS
University of Texas at Austin
College of Pharmacy,
Pharmacotherapy Division
Adjoint Professor
University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
School of Medicine, Pharmacotherapy Education & Research
University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
San Antonio, TX
Walter  Curran MD
Walter Curran, Jr. , MD
Executive Director, Winship Cancer Institute
Associate Vice President, Cancer,
Woodruff Health Sciences Center
Lawrence W. Davis Professor and Chairman of Radiation Oncology
Group Chairman and Principal Investigator, NRG
Atlanta, GA
Joel  Neal MD, PhD
Joel Neal, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Medicine
Division of Oncology
Member, Stanford Cancer Institute
Stanford Clinical Cancer Center
Stanford, CA
H Jack West MD
H Jack West, MD
Associate Clinical Professor in Medical Oncology
Executive Director, Employer Services
City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center
Duarte, CA
Deborah  Wong MD, PhD
Deborah Wong, MD, PhD
Professor, Oncology
Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center
UCLA Medical Center
Santa Monica, CA
2019 Lung Cancer Update


SESSION #1: SMALL CELL LUNG CANCER: New & Emerging Strategies Replacing the 30-Year-Old Standard of Care
#3101 Therapeutic Strategies for Small Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC): Systemic & Maintenance Therapy for Treatment-Naïve SCLC Patients, and CNS Therapy (local/systemic)
Dr. Paul Bunn
#3102 Molecular Biomarkers: Molecular Profiling of NSCLC Dr. J. Bauml
#3103 Salvage Therapy for Small Cell Lung Cancer: Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs), Other Novel Targeted Therapy Strategies, Checkpoint Inhibition and Chemotherapy Dr. S. Ramalingam
#3104 Early-Stage NSCLC Dr. J. Weiss
#3105 Oligometastatic Disease in NSCLC Dr. J. Bauml
#3106 Should a medical oncologist delay therapy for a treatment-naïve NSCLC patient while waiting for molecular testing results to determine if a driver mutation exists?
Dr. Paul Bunn
#3107 Total Mutation Burden as a clinical tool for managing NSCLC patients today.
Dr. H. Jack West
#3108 What are the options for initial therapy of NON-SQUAMOUS NSCLC? Which patients are candidates for the various options?
Dr. S. Ramalingam
#3109 What are the options for initial therapy SQUAMOUS NSCLC? Which patients are candidates for the various options?
Dr. J. Weiss
SESSION #4: Special Topics for Nurses, Pharmacists and Physicians
#3110 Integrating QI into Community Oncology Practices for Lung Cancer (primarily for physicians) Dr. R. Gralla
#3111 Physician Reimbursement Update (e.g., MACRA, etc.) (primarily for pharmacists & physicians) J. Koeller
#3112 Managing Immune Therapy irAEs (primarily for nurses and Nurse Practitioners) M. Davies
#3113 Should the most effective anti-EGFR- or anti-ALK/ROS1-directed therapy be used up front or should it be saved for after Acquired Resistance (AR)?
#3114 ALK-Positive-NSCLC: 1st-Line Therapies and Sequencing Options: (1st, 2nd & 3rd-generation agents) Dr. Paul Bunn
#3115 EGFR-Positive-NSCLC: 1st-Line Therapies and Sequencing Options: (1st, 2nd & 3rd-generation agents) Dr. G. Riely
#3116 What are the "SALVAGE" NSCLC Therapy Standards of Care? How can they be optimally sequenced? Dr. R. Natale
SESSION #6: New & Emerging NSCLC Driver Mutations "BEYOND" EGFR & ALK/ROS1: Optimal Therapies & Testing
#3117 Treatment Options for New & Emerging NSCLC Mutations: Maximizing Targeted Therapy Outcomes Dr. J. Neal
#3118 Are plasma-based NGS testing and tissue-based NGS testing interchangeable?
#3119 Molecular Testing for NSCLC Patients: Where are we today? What's coming?
#3120 Squamous Cell Cancer of the Head & Neck (SCCHN): New Advances with Checkpoint Inhibition-Based Strategies Dr. D. Wong

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